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Finding love seems like a very easy thing to a lot of my friends. But to me it’s a very difficult ballgame. i just want to live a better life. But everywhere I go I just can’t seem to fine the right person to me and I am just slowly deteriorating. i can’t stop myself to feel jealous of what I have been going through. i know that there are still great things that I can do but whatever I have to do I will do in order to be able to have a better life in the future. i know that no matter what is going in with me I have to deal with my situation and make sure that my life is still going to live on no matter what. i have had a lot of problems before and I want to get over all of the things that I have been through and learn how to live a better life. i know that jealousy is a very big deal to me. i just have to live a better life and find a woman who is going to love me for me. i have to be strong and be sure about what is going on in my life. Seeing the good that is happening to other people and getting jealous by it is a very bad thing to do. That’s why I am trying to know how to live a normal life and a much unexpected London escort came in to my life. i wanted a London escort all along and i just want the both of us to develop a much more stronger relationships. i know that the London escort that I am dating is a better person that what I expected to come in my life. i am totally satisfied with the girl that came in my life. i just know that with her in the picture everything is going to go smoothly for me. i have been wanting to date a really nice girl in the past. And all the energy that I have been saving for when I finally find my favourite London escort is going to be spent with her. If she would agree to be my girlfriend I would promise to spoil her and give her everything that she wants in her life. It’s the least I can do for a really nice girl who have come in my life. i know that my London escort is not playing around when it comes to work and relationship. i just wanted to be accepted by a lot of people and I am very happy to see a London escort that wants me and always supports me in every way possible. i have to keep an open mind to her because she is a very brilliant person. Most if her ideas may seem crazy to other people but not to me. She is just a smart London escort and there are a lot of people who struggle to understand her but that’s alright.