How to Spice up Your Sex Life with Food



Can food make your love life a bit spicier? Well, Arsenal escorts certainly seem to think so, and I would have to agree with them. My husband and I have often ended up making love after Sunday morning croissant in bed, and I must say it is a delight. Perhaps croissants increases his testosterone level, I just don’t know. But what other food can improve or spice up your love life? According to Arsenal escorts, there are quite a few foods that can improve your sex life.

Strawberries and champagne is another firm favorite, but I did have to say to the Arsenal escorts from that I seldom get down for that these days. We do have the odd strawberry and champagne moment when we go on a cruise, but otherwise we seldom get a chance for strawberries and champagne this days. Having somebody who doesn’t do “lie ins” has changed all of that, we must have bred the only teenager who is ready to go at 9 am I told Arsenal escorts. Even a wicked treat such as smoked salmon and a bit of caviar seem to have gone by the wayside, and has been replaced with early morning jogging sessions.

Of course, lobster is supposed to be a very sexy food and it is said to increase your libido. I have tried it a few times but I am not sure if it has been the lobster talking or the fine white wine which goes with the lobster special at my favorite London restaurant. I think it might be the wine, but a lot of men do swear that lobster increases their libido. It could be that male Arsenal escorts are more into lobster, and it might be better for them than us ladies. Personally, I find that prawns can really turn me on, so it could be that Arsenal escorts should make that their next sexy food.

There are other things that Arsenal escorts could put on the menu as well of course. The elusive truffles are rumored to be an excellent alternative to oysters, and on the rare occasions I have enjoyed them, I must say that they have given me a bit of a boost. Now, I don’t know how common truffles are in Arsenal but you can certainly get them in central London. Perhaps the Arsenal escorts need to set up a few dinner dates in central London, and ask their dates to pay.

No matter how sexy the food is, it is the company that really matters. A restaurant can serve up the best food in the world, but unless the company is good, there is very little point to forking out a fortune for a menu. Eating alone is no fun neither, and I am sure that there are many gents who have enjoyed dining in the sexy companionship of Arsenal escorts.

If you are after really sexy food that can increase your libido, it is said that you should eat Japanese style. That means eating Sushi for a couple of weeks, and I would be interested to know if Japanese men and women have better libidos than us here in good old Blighty.

Are you ready to call us yet?

I know that you may be new to Kent, but I was wondering if you are ready to call us yet. My name is Marilyn and I work for Kent escorts. It may be a little bit cheeky of me to get in touch with you like this, but I very much would like you to know that we are here and waiting for your call. To be honest, for some reason us girls here at the escort agency are often ignored, but once you know a bit more about us, you will understand why so many gents consider us to be a major attraction here in Kent.

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If you have just moved to Kent, you may not know that there is a thriving escorts service here in Kent. Recently I have found that a lot of gents who move out of London only think that they can date escorts back on town, but that is not right at all. You are just as likely to find a hot companion in Kent as you are back in London. After all, thanks to modern transport links, Kent is not a million miles away from London anymore.

Many of the girls who work for Kent escorts have worked in London. It is just that they have become a little bit fed up with all of the hassle of living in London. The very fact that you are out here, tells me that you are a bit fed up with London as well. So, why not make the most of it and start to enjoy the company of Kent escorts. I am sure that you will find the experience just as satisfactory as dating escorts in London.

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Upton Park the best cruise companion


I have also cruised with a company called MSC. This is an Italian company, and I did a cruise on board MSC with a couple of my girlfriends from Watford escorts. To be fair, we had a brilliant time, and we enjoyed all of the stops on this cruise. The food was great and no one had what I would call fake manners. This is a very busy cruise line and is just as likely to carry children as adults. Yes, we loved it, but the only problem were all the Russians. They evens started food fights in some of the restaurants.

The Royal Caribbean is another cruise line that I have tried. It was for a week’s break from Watford escorts of and we did get a very nice cabin for our money. This cruise line has a lot bigger ships and it is easy to feel lost on them. To me, the ship that we were on felt a bit too big, and I am not so sure that I would use them again. The entire cruise was very gimmicky and I felt that they were always after extra money.

Of course, there are other cruise lines out there. My favorite cruise line so far is Princess cruises. One of my dates from Watford escorts recommended it to me. It is an American cruise line, and they have smaller ships. I liked the atmosphere on board ship and the food was fantastic. Princess cruises seem to have a lot of old fashioned values and they really look after their passengers. To me, this was what cruising was all about, and I would not hesitate to use Princess cruises again. It was be far the best cruise line I have been on, and excellent value for money.

Cruising is one of the most popular ways of taking a holiday these days. It is a rather hassle free experience, and I have enjoyed all of the cruises that I have been on. A few other of the girls here at Watford escorts have enjoyed cruise holidays. Now, the interesting thing is that we have all traveled with different companies, and had similar experiences. I think it is important to find the right destinations, but it is as equally important to find the right cruise line. You really need to find out if you want to go 5 star on your cruise holiday, or use one of the more mass market companies.

The last time I had some time off from Watford escorts, I used Cunard. It was my first time with the Cunard line. Yes, it was very nice and I know that it is supposed to be a 5 star line. However, I did find that a lot of the other passengers were a bit stuffy. They were always going on about all of the different places that they had been to with Cunard, and they put on a lot of airs and graces. The sad thing was that they were not special, and just behaved like snobs because they were on board Cunard.