Change The Adult Industry

Everything is changing in the adult entertainment industry in London, says Lottie. When I first worked as an elite London escort, there were only English girls available. After a couple of years, it all changed and we only had Eastern European girls available. Now it is changing again, and we are seeing a lot of black and mixed heritage girls. It is a very interesting progression, and it makes you wonder what is going to happen next in the adult industry in London. Who is going to become the next lot of really hot London escorts? Asian girls maybe, they make really hot business women, says Lottie.

The fact is that many black and mixed heritage girls dominate the adult entertainment industry these days. Not only do they work as London escorts but they also run many associated businesses. Of course, mixed heritage ladies seem to be very only the ball, and I know that a few of them have bought leading London escorts agencies. They have a totally different way of operating, and it may seem very aggressive to other owners of London escort agencies’ bosses. Mixed heritage girls are often very pushy, and perhaps this is the element of their behavior which comes over as aggressive.

The fact, is says Lottie, I find a lot of them very proactive. They are always on the ball, and when they get a new idea, they are quick to implement it. That can really make a difference as well. Some of the London escorts agencies’ bosses are not used to the speed they way at. Most men do make decisions slower than women, and I think that makes a difference. But, I do think the traditional bosses need to wake up. If, they are not careful, they will soon find the entire London escorts services taken over.

I can’t see anything wrong in it really, but I do think that it has given the entire London escort service a different feel, says Lottie. Many of the old North London escorts agencies have been taken over by black or mixed heritage girls. Also, some Kingston escorts agencies have been taken over by black ladies. One in particular is making a name for itself, it is called the Black Mambas and the lady who runs it is a real character. I think that she is planning to take over another couple of London escorts agencies, it will be interesting to see what happens.

To be honest, I feel that all of this activity among London escort agencies are causing a bit of a stir. It will be interesting to see what happens in a few years time. We do have some Russian agencies operating in London as well, ad I think that we may see some more actively there. Russian have a lot of money and they seem to enjoy throwing it about. It would not surprise me if Russian bosses make a move on a couple of London’s leading elite and VIP escorts agencies, says Lottie.

Are escorts vampires?

I have a date who is seriously into vampires, and vampires stories, says Tina at Barbican escorts. Tony, my date, says that he likes to date escorts because they might be vampires. It makes me laugh, but he says it has something to do with the fact that many of us work at night. I work during the day time as well, but Tony only comes to see me at night. Sometimes, I have to wait for him, but that is okay. He is so much fun to be with, and we just party all of the way. Most of the time he arranges the date to stay the night.

In recent months, I have started to indulge Tony’s vampire fantasy. The first thing I did was to buy a couple of black dresses. I match my black dresses with black lingerie, black stilettos and black costume bling. At first, I thought I looked silly but I am now used to the way I look. I know it is going to sound strange, but I like the way I look. When Tony is at the door, I become the vampire queen of Barbican escorts and I change completely.

The first time I realized that I took on a different character, it rather shocked me. For some reason, I stood in front of my full length mirror and felt like a vampire. The next day I told my girlfriends at Barbican escorts, and they thought it was weird. That night when I opened the door to Tony, I knew there was something different about me. Tony went absolutely nuts and we really enjoyed our date together. Now, I am really into it and we even have our own vampire meals. It is very odd, but I have taken to this kind of role play.

On my birthday, Tony took me to a private club in central London where you can dress as vampires. It was just really nice, and I met some amazing people. As a birthday present, he got me a membership to the club and now I go there on a regular basis. As a matter of fact, it has not done me any harm at all, and I have gained quite a lot of dates through it at Barbican escorts. It is just beginning to pay off quite well, and my boss at Barbican escorts became really curious.

Well, as Alan, my boss at the Barbican, was interested. I invited him to dinner. He was shocked when I opened the door, but I gave him the entire vampire experience including black sheets of the mirrors. I think there were a few times he was scared, but he loved the meal. What I really liked was the fact that he had gone to the trouble to buy me black tulips. It was really fun, and we had am amazing time. Now, he has put a pic of me dressed as a vampire on the site, and a lot of men are asking for dates. Perhaps I am a vampire…

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Are the best escorts in the world?

A lot has been written about in Chelsea escorts, however, there is a possibility that they are the best escorts in the world. One regular dater, Joe, says that he has met hot and sexy ladies all over the world, but he has never come across girls like these before. When I first started dating in London, I was a bit surprised. The girls back home in the USA are nothing like the hot babes of Chelsea. It can be difficult to put your finger on it, but I think the girls are all amazing. I would say that American escorts have a lot to learn from Chelsea girls.

First of all, Chelsea escorts are super sexy. They have a special kind of sexiness about them which can also be described as sophisticated. I do like meeting girls who are a bit less sophisticated from time to time, but you can’t beat the way a sophisticated of Chelsea makes you feel. She can make you feel that you are the only man on earth, and make you feel that you are the only object of her desire. It is difficult to describe but being with the hot vixens of Chelsea is a sublime feeling.

When ever I visited Las Vegas, I always used to date the escorts in Las Vegas. Now, I know the Las Vegas girls don’t have a patch on Chelsea escorts. The fact is that I would not want to take out a girl for a night on the town who is wearing jeans. Chelsea girls seem to know exactly how to dress and will always make you look good. I am pleased to say that I am always delighted to take the hot girls of Chelsea to any smart restaurant in town. They never show me up.

Many of my friends who come over from the United States also say that Chelsea escorts are amazing. First of all, they were a bit concerned about dating the vixens of Chelsea, but they soon started to appreciate the sophisticated nature of many of the girls. Yes, they are super sexy, but my friends from back home certainly appreciated the way the Chelsea girls go about their business. Another thing that they really like is that the girls are from all different countries, and that can really delight them. They say that dating in London is like dating around the world in one location.

Most of my friends from the States like to date hot girls from the former Eastern European block. I have to say that a lot of the Chelsea escorts do come from this part of the world, and yes, they are different. Somehow they seem to be more broad minded and you can certainly have some serious adult fun with the hottest girls in London. Would I date any other escorts? Well, on occasion I do like to date some young naughty ladies from other parts of London, but that is a totally different story, and I will tell you more later.