Is sex going out of fashion?

I am beginning to wonder if physical sex is going out of fashion. My friends outside of London escorts seem to be having less and less sex. At first I though it was because they could not find the right sexual partners, but now I think that it has very little to do with that. Many of them are worried about having sex. When I ask why, they all state they are concerned about disease threats. According to

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Yes, it is true. There are a lot of STDs out there that can cause health problems but that is not the only thing. You will also find that people do not really have time for sex that much anymore. It is almost like sex has become a second hand experience and we are more interested in furthering our minds. I am sure that most gents that I meet at London escorts would not agree with that, but I think it is true in general. We do take a very different approach to sex these days.

Some people are on sexual overdrive, and I think that it may cause the new generation of non sexy people problems. The longer that you stay away from sex, the less you feel like sex. One of my friends thought that he would feel like he would explode if he did not get sex, but he did not. In all honesty, he felt that he had more time for other things. I only thought that women would feel like that, but it appears to be men as well. None of the gents that I speak to at London escorts feel like that, and I guess that is a good thing.

So where do we go from here. In all honesty, I really don’t know where we go from here. If we are all going to be focusing more on ourselves, I think that lot of gyms around London will be busy. But, going to the gym is not the only thing my none sexy friends do. They take courses in art and theater. A couple of them have become keen amateur photographers, and others are busy rescuing wild life in London. What is going to happen next, I am not sure about.

Would I want to live a life like that? No, I don’t think. I think that I would miss human contact and feel pretty awful. But my friends outside of London escorts like seem to have taken to the lifestyle. I am sure that things will flip around again. When that is going to happen I really don’t know. But I am sure that I will shortly will be meeting up with a lot of frustrated folk at London escorts who will be complaining about their poor sex lives. Well, life is mysterious and sometimes I think that we have a tendency to deny ourselves the slightest bit of human adult fun. As long as you know how to stay safe, there is no reason why you should not enjoy good sex.