Where do broken hearts go?

Where do all of the broken hearts in London go to? Many London escorts http://charlotteaction.org say that there seems to be a lot of broken hearts in London, gents who’s romances have failed or loves that have been lost. It is not an easy situation for gents of some ages. They may feel totally lost without the loves of their loves, and are looking for a safe harbor to moor up in. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a safe harbor to sail into, so many of these gents end up dating escorts. It is not such an uncommon problem as we would like to think.

Tina from London escorts say that she has started to date more and more senior gents. Many of the gents that she dates have, or have had, problems with personal relationship. A lot of them are wealthy, she says, and it appears that women are still quick to take advantage of them. They may even get married to them but a couple of years down the line, they get a divorce and end up with a stack of cash. I am sure that this must hurt these gents a great deal, and really mess you up mentally.

This is why I think that so many of these gents end up dating London escorts, says Tina. Divorce is difficult thing for a person of any age or standing, but when it happens to you when you are older, it can affect you really badly. Women often assume that many divorce and quickly move on, but often it isn’t so. The fact is that many women move on faster than men. It may sound off, however, women do cope with divorce better than most men. Why this is may not be very clear, perhaps they have a better support network.

Most gents that I speak to, says Tina from London escorts, would like to have a proper relationship again, but do not feel that they can trust. It would be better if they would open up a bit more, says Tina, but they seem to find this very hard to do. Most ladies do find it very difficult to talk to men about the matter of divorce and loneliness. A lot of chaps do not after all want o confess, or say, that they are lonely. You sort of need to be able to tell what is going on in a gent’s life by his actions.

When a gent comes to see you often, says Tina, it often means that he is lonely. He would like somebody to talk to, and need some companionship. Most London escorts know that gents of a certain age are looking for companionship more than anything else. They are not after great big adventures or exciting encounters, they want to have somebody to spend time with on a regular basis. This is one of the reasons that dinner dating has become so popular in London, says Tina. I think that we need more escorts to keep gents from slipping into loneliness and depression, finishes Tina.

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