Every London escorts dream and wish is to have that captivating and a gorgeous look that everyone would admire. Indeed, beauty is a priceless jewellery for every lady and any London escorts out there. As a matter of fact being beautiful is in itself an advantage, and it has been used by a number of ladies to raise their livelihoods in different areas of the society such as in fashion, in modelling, as escorts in London, as well as in film and in media to various other sectors that requires beauty to help invite audience and to attract clients or customers. Beauty combined with brains is even an added advantage, and therefore London escorts with some perfectly stunning looks combined with a brains and character is even the best. That said therefore, an intelligent woman with looks appears to be more hotter and sexier than you would imagine. Such perfect combination has been spotted in areas such as Hollywood and London where you find women with brains, beauty and character hence making then even more hotter. The London escorts business being a large industry we find people from all walks of life, races and religions. That said, then some of the hottest Asian women in London:

Gong Li:

Considered as one of the most visible Asian stars. Gong Li is known to posses some regal looks and a smoking hot body that most London escorts try so hard to achieve.She has therefore been featured in films such as Miami vice and the memoirs of A Geisha.

Jamie Chung:

Coming from a reality show background, Jamie Chung is known to stand out the crowd from her characteristic smile and beautiful looks and has been featured in the Dragonball and in the Sucker punch.

Fan Bingbing:

Fan Bingbing is a Hollywood actress that can never pass without people noticing her beauty, envied by all London escorts she is truly a talented actress with both brains and looks.

Kelly Hu:

Born in 1968, Kelly Hu clearly epitomises the true beauty of an Asian woman although she has a mixed ancestry of Chinese, English and Hawaii and is thus is regarded as one of the most beautiful Asian women in Hollywood.

Magie Q:

Born in Honolulu to a father of Irish and Polish descent and to a Vietnamese mother. She is considered to be quite a stunning woman endowed with incredible acting skills that sets her apart of her peers in the industry, that is besides being beautiful.

Lucy Liu:

She is the stunner from the Kungfu panda, Kill Bill and Charlie’s Angels. Lucy is indeed one of the front runners of beautiful and hot Asian women that are making it in Hollywood. She is truly a stunning lady,her kick ass attitude is one many London escorts admire.

Devon Aoki:

Devon is a model come actress on her own right, with a long career ahead of her,Devon has featured in various films such as 2fast and Furious,Sin city as well as the mutant chronicles. She truly has an awesome and unique look that indeed befits her film roles in her modelling.