Escorts Who Are Selective

I love working for London escorts, but I must admit that there are some men I prefer dating to others. For instance, I really love to date American men. They are a lot of fun to be with and you will find that all American men who enjoy the company of London escorts top really well. London is packed with American businessmen, and once you get a good name with American businessmen, they tend to pass your details onto their “buddies” as they like to say.  

When I first joined London escorts, I really got a helping hand from American men. It is true that many London escorts find it hard to build up their dating diaries. For some reason or another, my dating style seemed to appeal to American men. Before I knew it, my dating diary was packed with American clients. It was great. I made more money than most of the other girls at our London escorts agency and had a great time on my dates. 

American men are always generous. They will take you to all of the best restaurants and really seem to appreciate the company of charlotte escorts. You really do get some great tips, but there is more to it than that. If a rich American guy wants to go shopping in London, he will spoil you as well. When I go on shopping dates with my American clients. I always end up with something new to wear or a good quality perfume. 

The other thing that I and the other girls at our London escorts agency really appreciate our American clients is that they think about us a lot. When an American client comes back from the US, he will most of the time bring a small present. It may just be a box of chocolate but it is still nice to feel appreciated. I think that this is another reason why so many London escorts really like to date American men in London. So far, I don’t think I have met a girl from a London escorts agency who has had a bad thing to say about any of her American clients. 

Are there any other men who compare to American clients? Many of the local guys are okay. After American men, I think that almost all London escorts like to date English businessmen in London. They are perhaps a little bit less generous, but at the same time, they are nice to be around. Some businessmen stick to the same escort all of the time. I think many Englishmen meet an escort that they really like and they stick to her. Okay, Englishmen are a bit more reserved but it is one of those things that you have to learn to cope with when you work for a London escorts agency. At least they have a nice sense of humor and the night normally goes with a swing if you know what I mean.