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When I had been working for my London escorts for a few years, i started to wonder if there was any room for lesbian escorts services. If you take a look around London, you will find that there are lots of different escorts services You can choose from party girls, male escorts, bisexual escorts, regular dating and so much more. The thing is that the agencies in London do try to offer a lot under one umbrella. However at the time I did not notice that there were an lesbian escorts agencies. I thought it was a bit of an untapped market, so I started one.

The first couple of weeks was a bit nerve wrecking but soon the phone was ringing. Apparently, there was a need for a lesbian London escorts agency. It is kind of interesting, because a lot of the ladies we meet here at the agency are just coming out, and are beginning to explore their new feelings. It is like we are going on a journey together with them, and I think that is absolutely great. Not all of the girls who work for the agency are strictly lesbian, many of the are bisexual.

The good thing about bisexual girls is that they can help a person to transition. They are sort of in touch with both types of feelings, and that helps a lot. I have only really gone for really smart girls who are easy to talk to. The truth is that I really wanted our London escorts agency to stand out, and I am sure that we could do that with special girls. Now, a couple of months down the line, I know that I am right as we are beginning to attract the right kind of ladies. I have to add it has been a bit like hard work.

Lots of the ladies who use our lesbian London escorts agency, are rather well off. I have to say that I have noticed a lot of my escorts are being really spoiled. One lady in particular really enjoyed the company of her companion from our agency, and now she flies her around the world. She is an international business woman, and she has really come into her new stride since she started dating through our agency. As a matter of fact, she is a completely changed person from when she first started to use our services.

I am sure that our particular London escorts will be a great success, and I know that I look forward to the next couple of years. Above all, the girls who work for me enjoy what they are doing and I am sure that they will stay with the agency. The ladies that they date are so nice, and I am sure that this is part of the reason the girls are so keen to stay. Overall, the agency is super friendly and I like to go into work in the morning. Needless to say, my ex boss is really impressed by what I have achieved.

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